Exhibition at Viñedo Cuna de Tierra
November 13th-14th, 2021


Adriana Urquiza

Adriana Urquiza, oil and encaustic painter, born in Mexico City with studies at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City and at the “Lorenzo de Medici” Academy in Florence, Italy. Group and individual exhibitions in various galleries, museums and cultural centers in Mexico. The impressionism that Adriana transmits with the lines she makes in her images, her balance of color and shapes, transports you a joyful and peaceful nostalgia for the countryside landscapes, the vineyards and the birds that live in these landscapes that inspire her.

Instagram: adriana_urquizalp

Lourdes Rivera
Lourdes Rivera is a plastic artist who has developed a technique that mixes a wide variety of tools and media to create her works of art. Rivera was born in Mexico City but lived most of his life in San Diego, CA where she painted and exhibited in different studios and artist galleries in California and Tijuana. Rivera is the creator of Galería Manuk, an artistic space that later opened in San Miguel de Allende at the La Aurora Factory. Sensitive woman attracted by the colors of nature and the world that surrounds her, she is always creating works of art that evoke emotions and hide organic forms or urban landscapes between the brushstrokes and textures that she creates. Her work that a few years ago was based on tiny details followed by realism is now released into a world full of textures where you can find the essence of nature as well as the forms that surround our day to day.
Instagram: @artlourdesrivera

Gustavo Duque

Critically acclaimed and knighted artist Gustavo Duque has been a resident of New Orleans for over 20 years and now resides in San Miguel de Allende.
Born in Colombia, Gustavo Duque’s work can be found in museum collections nationally and internationally. His ethereal and sometimes surreal images express deep sympathy for humanity. Gustavo is a man of great warmth and his work shows a deep love for the landscape of nature. Their distinctive figures stand out like our stories. I love painting. With my oils and acrylics I explore landscapes that are more emotional than physical. Humanity and Love in all its stages are the root of my work. I travel to places I have been and have dreamed of.

Gustavo Duque

Instagram: @gustavoduqueartista

Ana Ragá

The work I do is a version of portraits that refer intangibles about the human condition in an expressionist way; I look at the brushstroke to convey gestural emotion and movement. I like to think of painting as an extension of the gaze, but also of touch. I study the play of light on the skin and then decompose it into a network of bright colors that, thanks to the plasticity of oil, also have a sculptural character. My work is influenced by Neorealism and the London School, as well as Post-impressionism due to the bright colors and texture of the undiluted paint.

Ana Ragá

Instagram: @ana.raga

Juan Luis Potosí

Juan Luis Potosí (1987 León GTO) sculptor. His series of sculptures explore archetypes of masculinity, its relationship to love, fear and the senses. In his process he questions old values to disconnect inherited habits and invent new ways of representing our modern roles. He has exhibited his work since 2009 in individual and collective exhibitions in venues such as El Museo Bicentenario de Dolores Hidalgo, El Museo Verde, León GTO, The Center for the Arts, Querétaro.

Instagram: @Juanluispotosi

Paul Alvord

Machines as metaphors: The exploration of connectivity in the human experience.
Whether operating independently or engaging with others, the pipes, hoses, vents, and ducts on display function in kind to the human condition.In both cases, it’s the system that is compromised when the parts are ill-fitting. This work reveals the truth that adaptability, vigilant recalibration, and collaboration result in cooperative relationships which produce the greatest output. The composition, materials, and visual mood vary from piece to piece, which mirrors the uniqueness of the human experience.
Instagram: @Alvordism.art
Erick García Gómez

Erick is a contemporary Mexican Folklore painter from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mx. The patterns in his work are inspired by the tiles from his grandparents’ house in the mountains of San Cristóbal de las Casas. For decades, her grandmother searched the streets for discarded tiles and added new ones every month in her house and patios, the whole floor did not match, all the tiles were of different colors and textures and each one represented a different era in Mexico. The tiles read like a timeline of cultural and creative change in Chiapas from one end of the floor to the other. Since then she has tried to recreate those patterns and tell her own stories.

Erick García Gómez

Instagram: @erick_garcia_gomez

George Kalmar

Life for me is a series of shapes and movements. In each shape there is a geometric detail. These details are made up of lines and colors and, for a sculptor, the very important third dimension. For me, as an abstract artist, the creative combination of shapes and colors and space is enough to express the beauty and emotions of the world we live in. Representative art reflects what we see around us, and abstract art for me reflects what we imagine. inside us. My current work with quarry stone combines my love for an ancient volcanic stone with my own manipulations of wood and metal to complement this very generous stone. Aside from these considerations, I am always eager to use local materials that have shaped the art and aesthetics of where I live.
Paloma Domínguez

“My first medium is textiles, my hands have always got on well with yarns and skeins but not in the traditional way, I am an eclectic spider that flirts with other possibilities and remains inspired through multiple disciplines, it is precisely the search of new forms of expression that allow me to materialize what obsessed me at that time, which has led me to develop my own techniques, almost always improvised, that is why my pieces are one-of-a-kind, they have time and life inside them. own.”

Instagram: @Palomadominguez.art

Jimena Romo

Art came to change the way I see life, how I relate to nature, people and my entire environment. It is my form of personal expression, art changes my way of thinking from rational to emotional, I express my emotions through abstract art. Each work done is not only a painting represents an emotion, painting for me is synonymous with expression, beauty, sensitivity, harmony, movement and love. My country represents many mixed emotions, which nurture me in my work living in a country so full of life, multicultural and above all the colors which are a fundamental part of our culture, that drives me and inspires me in my works.

Instagram: Jimena_romo_sirvent

In my artistic work, encaustic is always present. It is one of the most sophisticated, passionate and ancient techniques that I know of. It allows me, at the same time, to use and combine simple and easily available materials. I use many elements, apparently without control, such as wax and fire. I like this surprise blow, of amazement at the expected result, even risky. When processing an idea, it never ends on the original stroke. Fire and time change everything, that’s why I like to work on topics that make me
think about what the fate of things would be when no one uses them anymore, when they are just part of the past … memories of things that lead to other things.

Instagram: @joaquin_pineiro

Juan Ezcurdia

Juan Ezcurdia

Juan Ezcurdia has become known for his wild and varied interpretations of animals and people and how they intermingle. It seems artistic and humorous at the same time, as if Gary Larson is meeting the Masters, for lack of a better analogy.
The work itself is as unique and multifaceted as you’d expect from the special mix of psychologist / children’s book illustrator turned artist. People and animals are naively portrayed, but the way they interact blurs the lines. It is almost as if the painter has decided that all living creatures are on the same footing, and there is no talk of opposable thumbs and enlarged skulls.
Instagram: @juanezcurdia3

Estefania Mongrell

Through my art I experiment with unconventional materials and textures seeking to recreate and allude to certain characteristics of nature. In my painting I seek to capture an image that maintains its freshness, looking for a line that is always in motion. Creating landscapes with infinite skies and plants with their own life. Together with the spatula and other tools as well as materials, I intend to recreate the organic nature of nature, its irregularity that makes it perfect for its invisible imperfection.

Estefania Mongrell
Instagram: @emongrell.art