Sunday, February 25, 2024

Craig Caffall Blues at San Miguel Jazz Festival

Craig Caffall performing at San Miguel Jazz Festival in 2022.

Discover the music of Alfredo Vega, The Wolf Blues Man

As part of our 2023 monthly concerts, Alfredo Vega will be our special guest on May 13th. Singer, songwriter and guitar player, The Wolf Blues Man,...

San Miguel Jazz Festival 2022 | Stevie Wonder Tribute

28º Festival Internacional de Jazz&Blues de San Miguel de Allende This amazing concert on November 20th at Santa María del Obraje, San Miguel de Allende,...

San Miguel Blues Collective – “I’m Ready” / Muddy Waters

San Miguel Blues Collective will be perfoming at our next show "Blues Masters" on March 25th, 2023 at Casa Europa, San Miguel de Allende. Tickets...

Discover the music of Karina Colis

Discover the music of talented drummer, composer and vocalist, Karina Colis, at our upcoming show in June 24th, 2023. Enjoy the live video of the...

“Fine and Mellow” Billie Holiday Tribute with Verania Luken

Jazz singer Verania Luken performing "Fine and Mellow" last year, with Antonio Lozoya, Isidro Capilla and Dulce Resillas. In 2023 she will be our special...

Flora Pasquet “Caloubadia” (Alain Peters)

Discover the beautiful voice of Flora Pasquet, singer from Reunion Island, France. She will perform at Casa Europa, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,...