2019 Festival Photos

Art by Sam
©Art by Sam

San Miguel Jazz Festival
25th Edition

We invite you to check out the 2019 galleries and concerts of the festival, that was held on November 13th-17th. Share and enjoy!

Photos by Pixelove Studio.

Dusha Connection | November 13

Special guests
Dusha Connection

Simon Wyrsch Jazz Quartet | November 14

Special guests
Simon Wyrsch

Whitney Shay Blues Band | November 15

Special guests
Whitney Shay, Antonio Lozoya, Julián Arcos, Rick Shlosser

Jazz Workshop | November 16

Special guests
Bob Montgomery & Allen Hermann Quintet

Sarah Reich & Casey Abrams | November 16

Special guests
Sarah Reich, Casey Abrams, Antonio Lozoya

Antonio Lozoya Jazz & Blues Collective & Guests | November 17

Special guests
Sarah Reich, Casey Abrams, Antonio Lozoya, Robert Kaplan, Aurora Nunez, Julián Arcos, Simon Wyrsch, Mario Torres, Ana Red, Bob Montgomery, Allen Hermann