We are pleased to present the 24th edition of the International Jazz & Blues Festival of San Miguel de Allende. One of the most outstanding and most experienced in its kind in Mexico and one of the most important in Latin America.

For the opening on Wednesday 14th, we have the group «Hot Club of San Miguel» (Pedro Cartas – Violin, Julian Arcos-Guitar, Noe Cobos-Guitar and Antonio Lozoya-bass), «Gypsy Swing - Jazz Manouche», paying tribute to the French guitarist Django Reihardt, with the participation of special guest, guitarist Eli Doney.

For Thursday 15th, we will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bossa Nova, with singer and multi instrumentalist Gaea Schell and guitarist Eduardo Piastro, both with extensive professional experience in the United States and Mexico, respectively.

On Friday the 16th, singer and guitarist Chris Bergson will perform with his Blues Band, and special guest singer Ellis Hooks, both from New York City.

For Saturday November 17th, we have one of the most representative singers of the current international jazz scene presenting her most recent album, nominated for the Grammy Award, Karrin Allyson, also from New York City.

For the closing concert of the Festival, on Sunday the 18th, we will present the music of the 60›s and 70›s, with influences from Blues, Gospel, Soul, R & B and Jazz. «The Motown Music», featuring the music of : Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson  and Marvin Gaye, among others. Antonio Lozoya, will be in charge of this project, on the bass and for musical direction with his band «Jazz & Blues Collective» with  special guests.

We will also have our Film Series which will take place at noon on November 14th and 15th at the Santa Ana Theater in the Public Library and a free Jazz Workshop on 16th at the Angela Peralta Theater at noon.


Welcome to the Festival and enjoy it!









Ingrid Beaujean: cantante, Gabriel Hernández: piano, Ken Basman: guitarra, Adrian Flores: bajo, Diego Flores: batería,Randy Bernsen: guitarra, David Shelley: voz y guitarra, Rick Shlosser: batería, Paul McCandless: oboe,saxofón y compositor "GANADOR DE GRAMMY", Art Lande: pianista y compositor "NOMINADO AL GRAMMY", Antonio Lozoya: bajo y compositor, Victor Monterrubio: batería, Dennis Gruenling: armónica, Steve Guyger: voz y armónica, Tom Lilienthal: bajo, J.K.O' Donnell: cantante, Robert Kaplan: cantante, Uriel Orozco: Teclado, Julian Mendieta: percusión 



Magos Herrera: cantante "Nominada a Grammy", Aaron Goldberg: piano, Mike Moreno: guitarra, Orlando Le Fleming: bajo y Alex Kautz: batería. Bob Montgomery: trompeta, Allen Hermann: trombón, Óscar Salas: guitarra, Erik Unsworth: bajo y Rick Malichi: batería. Randy Singer: cantante, Gabriel Hernández: piano, JK O´Donnell and The Blues Streak: cantante, Rick Shlosser: batería, Danny Beltrán: bajo. San Miguel Jazz Cats: Ken Basman: guitarra, Antonio Lozoya: bajo y Victor Monterrubio: batería. Jed Paradies: saxofón, Julián Mendieta: percusión.



Joey Calderazzo Trio: piano, Orlando Le Fleming: contrabajo y Donald Edwards: batería. Enrique Neri: piano Greg Fishman: saxofón, Gabriel Hernández: pìano, Vudu Chile Blues Band: David Garza: cantante, Julián Arcos: guitarra, Javier Arcos: bajo y Carlos Aguinanga: batería. Jesd Paradies: saxofón, Randy Singer: cantante y armónica, Uriel Orozco: piano, Robert Kaplan: cantante y baterista, San Miguel Jazz Cats: Ken Basman: guitarra, Antonio Lozoya: bajo y Víctor Monterrubio: batería, Julián Mendieta: percusión, Rick Shlosser: batería, José Luis Chagoyán: bajo, Scott Mason:batería.



Héctor Infanzón: pianista y compositor, Adrian Infanzón: bajo, Giovanni Figueroa: batería. , Luis Gómez: percusión, Guadalupe Padilla: bailarina, John Ronstadt, cantante, Jed Paradise: saxofón, Othello Molineaux: still drums. "Nominado a Grammy", Randy Bernsen: guitarra, Magos Herrera: cantante y compositora. "Nominado a Grammy",  Luis Perdomo: piano, Hans Glawischnig: bajo, Alex, Kautz, batería, Beat Keastli: cantante, Gabriel Hernández: piano, San Miguel Jazz Cats, Antonio Lozoya: bajo, Ken Basman: guitarra, Víctor Monterrubio: batería, Robert Kaplan: cantante, Rick Schlosser: batería, Eddie Gómez: bajo.


Eddie Gómez Trío, David Sánchez Quartet: Antonio Sánchez, Lage Lund, Orlando LeFlemming; David Gilmore, Mark Aanderud, Hernán Hetch, Luri Molina; The Hot Club of San Francisco, Denise Perrier, Swing Fever, Tlaxcaltecatl Latin Jazz Band , The North Sea Coyotes, Nicolas Bearde, Gabriel Hernández, Pila Seca, Katie Thiroux Trio y San Miguel Jazz Cats.

Antonio Sánchez Trio, Don Grusin & Oscar Castro-Neves, Francisco Mela, Iraida Noriega, Betsy Pecanins, Marcia Ball, Iván Renta, Gabriel Hernández, Daline Jones, San Miguel Jazz Cats, Peter Welker, Randy Vincent, Ken Bichel, Jimmy Dillon, Robert Kaplan, The NIU Lab Big Band, Jason Palmer.


Bob Sheppard Cuarteto, Daline Jones, San Miguel Jazz Cats, Fine Wine Trio, Francisco Mela Cuarteto, Randy Bernsen, Randy Singer Cuarteto, Peter Sprague Cuarteto, Profesores de la ciudad de México, Mo´Ritmo y Amigos, Hot Club of San Francisco.



Betsy Pecanins Blues Group; Cody Moffett and Jambalaya: drums, Pamela Peña: trombone and vocals; Magos Herrera Group: vocals, Luri Molina: bass, Hernán Hetch: drums, Ingrid and Jennifer Beaujean: chorus; Gabriel Hernández Latin Group: piano, Roberto Vizcaíno: percusión, Cristian Mendoza: tenor sax, Jerry López: alto sax, Yusmel: bass, Efrén Capíz: drums, Kimani: percusión; Robert Kaplan: vocals and harmonica, Joe Warner: Guitars and vocals; Denise Perrier: vocals; Ken Basman: guitar, Antonio Lozoya: bass, Doug Robinson: piano, Victor Monterrubio: drums, Rodrigo Villanueva: drums, Steve Anderson: piano, Craig Butterfield: bass. Abe Zimmerman: vocals; Alain Derbez: writer and sax.

No Festival 2005


David “Fathead” Newman: sax and winds, Teri Roiger: vocals, John Menegon: bass, Robert Kaplan: drums, Peggy Stern: piano, Bobby Walker: trumpet; Dave Pike Quartet: vibes , Ken Basman: guitar, Antonio Lozoya: bass and Victor Monterrubio: drums; Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz with Judi de Leon: vocals, Seis en Seis with Agustín Bernal: bass and Giovanni Figueroa: drums; Big Band from México City.



John Leftwich: bass, Bob Ackerman:sax and winds, Pam Purvis: vocals, Clyde "The Slyde" Sutliff, trumpet; “San Miguel Jazz Cats”: Antonio Lozoya: bass, Ken Basman, guitar, Bobby Kaplan: vocals and drums, Victor Monterrubio, drums; Tyler Mitchell and José Luis Chagoyán: bass.



Brenda Boykin & Eric Swinderman, vocals and guitar; Lady Mem'fis, vocals; Denise Perrier, vocals, Bryan Gould: trombone, Rob Walker, trumpet; Brent Jensen, saxophone; Tammy Hall, piano; Bobby Tynes, saxophone; Randy Vincent, guitar, Antonio Lozoya: bass; Randy Bernsen, guitar; Common Differences: Mark Anderud: piano, Agustín Bernal: bass, Gabriel Puentes: drums; Jazz Trio: Miguel Villicaña: piano, Rodrigo Castelán: drums, Alex Kautz: drums; Quinteto de Francisco Lelo: guitar, Rey David: trombone; Salomón Maawad: sax, Drunky Honky Monky: Nicolás Santella: piano, Hernán Hetch: drums, Gil Gutierrez and Lobo: guitars, Tyler Mitchell: bass.



Iraida Noriega: cantante, Miguel Villicaña: piano, Agustín Bernal: bajo, Gabriel Puentes, Alex Kautz: batería, Diego Maroto: sax tenor, Rodrigo Castelán: bajo, Gil Gutiérrez, Ken Basman: guitarra, Salomón Maawad: sax soprano, Paty Carrión: cantante, Mario Patrón: piano, Víctor Monterubio: batería, "Hopolong" José Luís Chagoyan: bajo, Irving Flores: piano, Fernando Caballero "El Cabezón": batería, Armando Espinosa "El Pinacas": percusiones y Rey David: trombón.




David “Fathead” Newman, saxophone; Rob Walker, trumpet. Bobby Carcassés and the Cuban Quintet; Art Lande trio, piano, Chris Lee: drums and Collen O´Brien: bass; The McGill University Big Band; The Hot Club of San Francisco; David Barrett and Banda Elástica, saxophone; Annette Lowman,vocalist; Joan Cartwright, vocalist; Larry Dunlap & Bobbe Norris, piano and vocalist, Teri Roiger: vocals, John Menegon: bass, Brian Gould: trombone, Tyler Mitchell and Antonio Lozoya: bass.



Etta Jones, vocals; Peter Welker Sextet with Randy Vincent; Brenda Boykin & Eric Swinderman, vocalist and guitar; Robert Kaplan Swingtet; Denise Perrier, vocalist; Tammy Hall, piano, and Friends; Salomon Maawad, and Jazz Latino:saxophone; Gini Wilson and Pat Klobas, vocals and bass. Gabriel Hernández trio. Hank Stampf and Bryan Gould: trombone, Ruth Davies and Antonio Lozoya: bass, Clyde Sutliff: trumpet, Tomás Ramírez: sax, Efrén Capíz: drums.



Fine Wine Trio: Richard Wyands: piano, Gene Perla: bass and Robert Kaplan: drums and vocals; Tom Aalfs , violin; Denise Perrier, vocals; Brenda Boykin and Eric Swinderman, vocals and guitar; Tammy Hall, piano; Randy Bernsen quintet: guitar,: Nicole Yarling: vocals and violin, Richard Brookens: sax and tabla, Archie Peña: drums; Tomás Ramírez Group, Pam Purvis & Bob Ackerman, vocalist and saxophone; Frank Bravo y Son Seis, The Downbeats with Jako González: sax; Allen Hermann Dixieland Group: trombone, Connie Jones: trumpet, Philip Hermann: clarinet, Gabriel Hernández trio: piano, Antonio Lozoya: bass and Efrén Capíz: drums, Randy Vincent: guitar, Peter Welker: trumpet, Magos Herrera: vocals, Jed Paradies: sax and John Ronstadt:vocals.



Eddie Daniels Trio: clarinet, Bruce Dunlap: guitar, John Belzaguy: bass; Rob Schwimmer Trio: piano, Ben Alison: bass, Jeff Ballard: drums; Quinteto Nuevo: Gil Gutierrez: guitar, Allen Hermann: trombone, Agustín Bernal: bass, Miguel Villicaña: piano, Ricardo Castelán: drums ; Tomás Ramírez Trio, sax; The Downbeats with Veronica Ituarte and John Ronstadt; Hot Club of San Francisco, with Paul Mehling; Henry Cook Band, with Bobby Ward on drums ; Randy Bernsen Group: guitar, Antonio Lozoya: bass, Robert Kaplan: drums; Ponty Bone: accordion; Bob Pierrson: saxophone; Stephen Little: guitar; Galen Jeeter: trumpet, Hank Stampf: trombone, Mike Vax and Richard Coleman: trumpet, Jed Paradies: sax.



Dogslyde Quintet and Clyde Sutliff, trumpet, Mike Silverman: bass; Bob Montgomery: trumpet and Willie Hill: sax; Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz; Denny Berthiaume, piano; Nora York: vocals, Robert Swimmer: piano, Clarise Daly: Baritone Sax, Mary Ann McSweeney: bass; Hot Club of San Francisco; Henry Cook Goup; Gil Gutierrez trío, guitar, Rodrigo Castelán:bass, Tony Cárdenas: drums; The Downbeats: Salomon Maawad: sax, Ken Basman:guitar, Antonio Lozoya: bass, Robert Kaplan: drums.



The Fabulous Tino Contreras y su show!, Pam Purvis & Bob Ackerman, vocals and sax; Betty Farmer, vocals; Tambú, percussion; Nora York, vocals; Dogslyde and Clyde Sutliff on trumpet; Denny Berthiaume, piano; Allen Hermann, trombone




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